Fabricated Beads

Size: Varies


Sterling, ivory, bone.
Walnut epoxy inlay.

Joycelyn Merchant ©1982-1984









These beads were part of a limited series of one of a kind pieces which included bracelets, necklaces, pins and earrings. Built as skeletal constructions (upper right pic) using sterling, brass, ivory from old piano keys, bone, and shell, they were then filled with a mixture made from ground walnut sawdust and epoxy. When dry, they were filed and ground down until the silver and ivory patterns were exposed. I explored and invented this technique over a two or three year period. The mysterious markings which were ultimately revealed and the mystery of their construction was appealing. One bracelet done using this technique appeared in MetalSmith magazine in 1982.

Upper Right: An example showing the skeletal structure of a bead before it is filled with epoxy inlay.

Joycelyn Merchant